Fixed points results in modular vector spaces with applications to quantum operations and Markov operators

 Khamsi, Mohamed Amine,  Kumam, Poom  and Yusuf, Umar Batsari



Recently, researchers are showing more interest on both modular vector spaces and modular function spaces. Looking at the number of results it is pertinent to say that, exploration in this direction especially in the area of fixed point theory and applications is still ongoing, many good results can still be unveiled. As a contribution from our part, we study some fixed point results in modular vector spaces associated with order relation. As an application, we were able to study the existence of fixed point(s) of both depolarizing quantum operation and Markov operators through modular functions/modular spaces. The awareness on the importance of quantum theory and Economics globally were the sole motivations of the application choices in our work. Our work complement the existing results. In fact, it adds to the number of application areas that modular vector/function spaces covered.

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 Khamsi, Mohamed Amine, Kumam, Poom , Yusuf, Umar Batsari