Starting from an initial triangle, one may wish to check whether a sequence of iterations is convergent, or is convergent in some shape, and to find the limit. In this paper we first prove a general result for the convergence of a sequence of nested triangles (Theorem 2.2), then we study some properties of the power curve \Gamma of a triangle. These are used to prove that the sequence of nested triangles defined by a point  Q^{(s)} on the power curve converges to a point for every s\in [0,2] (Theorem 4.2). In particular, we obtain that the sequence of nested triangles defined by the incenter converges to a point, completing the main result in Ismailescu, D.; Jacobs, J. On sequences of nested triangles.  Period. Math. Hungar. 53 (2006), no. (1-2), 169 –184. Finally, we present some numerical simulations which inspire open questions regarding the convergence of such iterations.




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 Andrica, Dorin,  Bagdasar, Ovidiu, Marinescu, Dan Ştefan