The purpose of this paper is to invent an accelerated algorithm for the convex minimization problem which can be applied to the image restoration problem. Theoretically, we first introduce an algorithm based on viscosity approximation method with the inertial technique for finding a common fixed point of a countable family of nonexpansive operators. Under some suitable assumptions, a strong convergence theorem of the proposed algorithm is established. Subsequently, we utilize our proposed algorithm to solving a convex minimization problem of the sum of two convex functions. As an application, we apply and analyze our algorithm to image restoration problems. Moreover, we compare convergence behavior and efficiency of our algorithm with other well-known methods such as the forward-backward splitting algorithm and the fast iterative shrinkage-thresholding algorithm. By using image quality metrics, numerical experiments show that our algorithm has a higher efficiency than the mentioned algorithms.

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 Suantai, Suthep, Hanjing, Adisak, Jailoka, Pachara