Asymptotic Regularity of Generalized Averaged Mappings in (M,K,ψ)-HR-Ćirić-Reich-Rus Contractions

Anjum, Rizwan and Safdar, Hira 

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The paper investigates a new type of contraction called (M, K, \psi)-HR-Ćirić-Reich-Rus contractions, which extends the existing research on Ćirić-Reich-Rus contraction mappings. We prove fixed point theorems by enriching (M,K,\psi)-HR-Ćirić-Reich-Rus contractions with respect to the asymptotic regularity of generalized averaged mappings. These mappings are denoted as T_\phi = (1-\phi)I + \phi T, where I is the identity map and \phi is a function from a normed space to real numbers.



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Anjum, Rizwan , Safdar, Hira