Effect of voids in a heat-flux dependent theory for thermoelastic bodies with dipolar structure

Marin, Marin, Öchsner, Andreas and Vlase, Sorin



In our paper we formulate a theory for thermoelastic porous dipolar bodies in which we consider a new independent variable, namely the heat-flux vector. Furthermore, we add, to the differential equations that describe the behavior of the body, a new differential equation which is an equation of evolution which is satisfied by the components of the heat-flux vector. The basic system of the mixed initial-boundary value problem in this context consists of equations of the hyperbolic type. In order to ensure the consistency of the constructed theory, we formulate and prove an uniqueness result, with regards to the solution of the mixed problem.

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 Öchsner, Andreas, Vlase, Sorin, Marin, Marin