In this paper, using the concept of w-distance we prove some results on the existence of fixed points for contractive type
operators, namely; (\alpha,\mu)\psi-contractive operators. Applications are also presented. Our results improve and
generalize a number of known results of fixed point theory including the recent results of Guran and Bota [Guran, L. and Bota, M.-F. Ulam-Hyers Stability Problems for Fixed Point Theorems concerning \alpha\psi-Type Contractive
Operators on KST-Spaces, Submitted in press] and Ansari [Ansari, A. H. and Shukla, S., Some fixed point theorems
for ordered F(\mathcal{F},h)-contraction and subcontractions in \thetaf-orbitally complete partial metric spaces, J. Adv. Math. Stud., 9 (2016), No. 1, 37–53].

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Ansari, Arslan H., Guran, Liliana, Latif, Abdul