Generalization of an integral equation related to some epidemic models

Ion Marian Olaru



In the paper An integral equation via weakly Picard operators (to appear in Fixed Point Theory, 10 (2010)), the author I. M. Olaru has studied the following integral equation x(t) = [g1(t) + Zt a K(t, s, x(s))ds] · [g2(t) + Zt a K2(t, s, x(s))ds], t ∈ [a, b]. In this paper, by using fixed point results for the operators defined on cartesian product, the following integral equation x(t) = Ym i=1 Ai(x)(t), t ∈ [a, b], where Ai : C[a, b] → C[a, b].

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Olaru Ion Marian