A fast contraction algorithm using two inertial extrapolations for variational inclusion problem and data classification

Suantai, Suthep, Cholamjiak, Prasit,  Inkrong, Papatsara, Kesornprom, Suparat 

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In this paper, we propose a new method for solving variational inclusion problems in Hilbert spaces. This algorithm uses two inertial terms to speed up the convergence. In order to avoid computing the Lipschitz stepsize, we use an updated stepsize which is not necessary to know the Lipschitz constant of the operator. The weak convergence is established under some mild conditions. We present numerical performance of the proposed algorithm and compare our algorithm with other algorithms in literature. Finally, we deduce our algorithm for solving the convex minimization problem and give an application to the data classification problem of heart failure dataset.



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 Suantai, Suthep, Cholamjiak, Prasit , Inkrong, Papatsara, Kesornprom, Suparat