Geometric inequalities in real Banach spaces with applications

 Chidume, C. E.

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In this paper, new geometric inequalities are established in real Banach spaces. As an application, a new iterative algorithm is proposed  for approximating a solution of a split equality fixed point problem (SEFPP) for a quasi-\phi-nonexpansive semigroup. It is proved that the sequence generated by  the algorithm converges {\it strongly} to a solution of the SEFPP in p-uniformly convex and uniformly smooth real Banach spaces, p>1. Furthermore, the theorem proved is applied to approximate a solution of a variational inequality problem. All the theorems proved are applicable, in particular, in L_p, l_p and the Sobolev spaces, W_p^m(\Omega), for p such that 2<p<\infty.


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Chidume, C. E.