We prove \Delta-convergence and strong convergence theorems of an iterative sequence generated by the Ishikawa’s method to a fixed point of a single-valued quasi-nonexpansive mappings in p-uniformly convex metric spaces without assuming the metric convexity assumption. As a consequence of our single-valued version, we obtain a result for multi-valued mappings by showing that every multi-valued quasi-nonexpansive mapping taking compact values admits a quasi-nonexpansive selection  whose fixed-point set of the selection is equal to the  strict fixed-point set of the multi-valued mapping. In particular, we immediately obtain all of the convergence theorems of Laokul and Panyanak [Laokul, T.; Panyanak, B. A generalization of the (CN) inequality and its applications. Carpathian J. Math.  36 (2020), no. 1, 81–90] and we show that some of their assumptions are superfluous.

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 Puiwong, Jenjira, Saejung, Satit