Well-posedness of a nonlinear second-order anisotropic reaction-diffusion problem with nonlinear and inhomogeneous dynamic boundary conditions

Choban, Mitrofan M. and Moroşanu, Costică  N. 

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The paper is concerned with a qualitative analysis for a nonlinear second-order boundary value problem, endowed with nonlinear and inhomogeneous dynamic boundary conditions, extending the types of bounday conditions already studied. Under certain assumptions on the input data: f_{_1}(t,x), w(t,x) and u_0(x), we prove the well-posedness (the existence, a priori estimates, regularity and uniqueness) of a classical solution in the Sobolev space W^{1,2}_p(Q). This extends previous works concerned with nonlinear dynamic boundary conditions, allowing to the present mathematical model to better approximate the real physical phenomena (the anisotropy effects, phase change in \Omega and at the boundary \partial\Omega, etc.).

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Moroşanu, Costică  N. , Choban, Mitrofan M.