Two inertial projective Mann forward-backward algorithm for variational inclusion problems and application to stroke prediction

Peeyada, Pronpat, Kitisak, Ponkamon,  Cholamjiak, Watcharaporn and Yambangwai, Damrongsak

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This paper presents a two inertial technique with a projection Mann forward-backward splitting algorithm for solving variational inclusion problems that exhibit weak convergence under suitable conditions in Hilbert spaces. Furthermore, we provide a numerical example in infinitely dimensional spaces to support the main result. Finally, we provide an application for data classification using an extreme learning machine. According to data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), stroke is recognized as the predominant contributor to mortality and disability on a global scale. To appraise the efficacy of our algorithm, we procured a dependable dataset for stroke prediction from the Kaggle website. The best algorithm that performed this task is ours compared to other machine learning methods.


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   Cholamjiak, Watcharaporn, Kitisak, Ponkamon, Peeyada, Pronpat, Yambangwai, Damrongsak