This paper concentrates on studying a nonsmooth composite vector optimization problem (P for brevity). We employ a fuzzy necessary condition for approximate (weakly) efficient solutions of a nonconvex and nonsmooth cone constrained vector optimization problem established in [Choung, T. D. Approximate solutions in nonsmooth and nonconvex cone constrained vector optimization  Ann. Oper. Res. (2020),] and the a chain rule for generalized differentiation to provide a necessary condition which exhibited in a Fritz-John type for approximate (weakly) efficient solutions of P. Sufficient optimality conditions for approximate (weakly) efficient solutions to P are also provided by means of proposing the use of (strictly) approximately generalized convex composite vector functions with respect to a cone. Moreover, an approximate dual vector problem to P is given and strong and converse duality assertions for approximate (weakly) efficient solutions are proved.

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  Sisarat, Nithirat,  Wangkeeree, Rabian, Sirichunwijit, Thanatchaporn