On the properties of lexicographic tolerable robust solution sets for uncertain multi-objective optimization problems

 Boriwan, Pornpimon, Kuroiwa, Daishi and Petrot, Narin

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This study provides the important properties of the lexicographic tolerable robust solution for uncertain multi-objective optimization problems which was introduced by Boriwan et al. [Boriwan, P.; Ehrgott, M.; Kuroiwa, D.; Petrot, N. The lexicographic tolerable robustness concept for uncertain multi-objective optimization problems: a study on water resources management. Sustainability.  12 (2020), no. 18, article number 7582.]. Also, the relationship between the lexicographic tolerable solution concept and the well-known robust solution, as the set-based robust efficiency [Ehrgott, M.; Ide, J.; Schöbel, A. Minmax robustness for multi-objective optimization problems.  Eur. J. Oper. Res. \bf 239 (2014), no. 1, 17–31.], are provided.

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 Boriwan, Pornpimon,  Kuroiwa, Daishi,  Petrot, Narin