On the solution of the generalized functional equation arising in mathematical psychology and theory of learning approached by the Banach fixed point theorem

Turab, Ali and Sintunavarat, Wutiphol

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In mathematical psychology, the model of decision practice represents the development of moral judgment that deals with the time to decide the meaning of the various choices and selecting one of them for use. Most animal behavior research classifies such situations as two distinct phenomena. On the other hand, reward plays a big part in this kind of study since, based on the selected side and food location, such circumstances may be classified into four categories. This paper intends to investigate such types of behavior and establish a general functional equation for it. The proposed functional equation can be used to describe several psychological and learning theory models in the existing literature. By using the fixed point theory tools, we obtain the results related to the existence, uniqueness, and stability of a solution to the proposed functional equation. Finally, we give two examples to support our main results.


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 Turab, Ali, Sintunavarat, Wutiphol