Strong convergence theorems for variational inequalities and fixed point problems in Banach spaces

Nnakwe, M. O. and Ezeora, J. N.

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In this paper, using a sunny generalized non-expansive retraction which is different from the metric projection and generalized metric projection in Banach spaces, we present a retractive iterative algorithm of Krasnosel’skii-type, whose sequence approximates a common solution of a mono-variational inequality of a finite family of η-strongly-pseudo-monotone-type maps and fixed points of a countable family of  generalized non-expansive-type maps. Furthermore, some new results relevant to the study are also presented. Finally, the theorem proved complements, improves and extends some important related recent results in the literature.

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 Ezeora, J. N., Nnakwe, M. O.