In this paper we will study a Voronovskaja type theorem and a simultaneous approximation result for a new class of generalized Bernstein operators. The new operators are obtained using a generalization of Kantorovich’s method, namely, we will introduce a sequence of operators K_n^l=D^l\circ B_{n+l}\circ I^l, where B_{n+l} are Bernstein operators, D^{l}f=f^{(l)}+a_{l-1}f^{(n-1)}+\dots+a_1f'+a_0f is a differential operator with constant coefficients a_j,\ j\in\{0,\dots,l-1\} and I^{l} a corresponding antiderivative operator such that D^{l}\circ I^{l}=Id.


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 Vasian, Bianca Ioana