Graphical Ekeland’s variational principle with a generalized w-distance and a new approach to quasi-equilibrium problems

 Chaipunya, Parin, Chuensupantharat, Nantaporn and Sanguansuttigul, Printaporn

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In this paper, we introduce the generalized Ekeland’s variational principle in several forms. The general setting of our results includes a graphical metric structure and also employs a generalized w-distance. We then applied the proposed variational principles to obtain existence theorems for a class of quasi-equilibrium problems whose constraint maps are induced from the graphical structure. The conditions used in our existence results are based on a very general concept called a convergence class. Finally, we deduce the existence of a generalized Nash equilibrium via its quasi-equilibrium reformulation. A validating example is also presented.



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 Chaipunya, Parin,  Chuensupantharat, Nantaporn, Sanguansuttigul, Printaporn