The study consists of an unreliable multiserver retrial queue with feedback where clients may resist to join the orbit and the service provider is erratic. In this model we have considered c service providers at a time and if all the c servers are busy, the incoming clients wait in the retrial orbit. The model is unfolded using Matrix Geometric Method (MGM) to obtain the rate matrix and stationary probabilities.
The system with retrials is modelled and the performance measures and reliability indices are procured. These derived quotients are then visualised and validated with the help of tables and graphs.
Further, the cost analysis of the model is carried out and the optimal cost for the system is obtained using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm for matrix method. The optimal repair and retrial rates are obtained using PSO technique which helps the computer and manufacturing industry to work towards better decision policies.


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Al-Homidan, S.,   Agarwal, Divya,  Agarwal, Radhika, Ahmad, Izhar, Ibrahim, Abdulkarim Hassan, Upadhyaya, Shweta